Key Note Recognition Series Exercises and What They Are

Key Note Recognition Series Exercises and What They Are

Key Note Recognition Series Exercises and What They Are

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Key Note Recognition Series Exercises and What They Are

Q: If I were to consider purchasing another book in your series, like the Two Note’ series, can you advise: are the exercises the same, except two pitches are sounded after the cadence instead of one?

What are the Key Note Recognition series exercises?  Why do you recommend this prior to the Two Note Ear Training series?

A: As far as the ear training goes there are two things.  First before you move on pastEar Training One Note Complete you should be getting around 80% correct notes on the Ear Training One Note Advanced.  The next step is Key Note Recognition which turns the process around and gives you any key center major or minor then plays a note and you have to guess what the note is in the key center which in turn would tell you the key the cadence was in.  For many students this is like starting over because we all learn contextually.  In otherwords you may have learned the context of the “one note” ear training but that doesn’t mean you will be able to instantly do it with another exercise or with real music.  You will have to go through many different types of exercises before this “one note” method begins to work with real music again because you learn in one context at a time.  You will need to do enough different contexts until your mind can easily translate this to real music.  In any case if you are getting 50% on any of the “one note” levels you should start with some of the direct application courses to start applying you ability to real music.   The direct application books are:

Not sure what else you are practicing but you should also be working on some singing exercises.  This usually speeds up your ability with ear training besides helping you with hearing things inside your head.  I would recommend Contextual Ear Training  Also let me know what else you are practicing because we could possible use something like MetroDrone  to help you practice and do ear training at the same time as well as improve your time and speed.

But before you buy anything. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Look forward to hear from you.


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