Guitar Chord Progressions Book

Guitar Chord Progressions Book

Guitar Chord Progressions

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Q:Hi, I’m looking a book for Guitar Chord Progressions and also one that shows how to play these chord in tablature.  Do you have anything like that? I also need to brush up on how chords are built and hopefully learn a bit more about how chords are combined.

A:I think what you need is Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One. This book gives you

  • A logical system to learn the chords you need to know to play through ANY chord progression
  • Backing tracks in the form of MP3s to help you learn each chord progression?
  • A system to understand how chords are built and what notes you can add into chords for added spice and variety
  • All the chords a professional guitarist needs to know but 36 cool chord progressions to apply these newly learned chords
  • A system for understanding how guitarists substitute chords
  • A way to spice up your blues playing with some new chord progressions
  • Help you work on sight reading chord voicings
  • Information on the use of tensions in chords and chord progressions
  • Basic theory knowledge so that you understand the structures of chords

It gives you 36 chord progression to learn using a Blues, Minor Blues and “Rhythm Changes” all three of which are commonly found in contemporary music. This will really prepare you for playing any chord progression.

I would also recommend Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One. This book will:

  • Help you see the guitar fretboard as an interconnected map in your mind’s eye
  • Instantly apply that roadmap to great solos – improvised not by accident, but totally by YOUR design …
  • Understand chords and without hesitation, construct both simple and complex chords on the fly starting anywhere on the fretboard …

In order to know how each chord is built and know that in every key you need a workbook to quiz you on how to form all these chords. This book does that with 100 pages of exercises. The answers can be quickly found in the back of the book. Do one of these pages a week and you will really start to understand the guitar fretboard quickly.

It is also recommended that you read Bruce Arnold’s Blog at his artist site. It contains more discussion of the musical topics found in these FAQs as well as other subjects of interest. You will also find the “Music Education Genealogy Chart” located here which shows you the historic significance of the music education products found on the Muse Eek Publishing Company Website.

Guitar Chord Progressions

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