Contextual Ear Training versus Interval Ear Training

Contextual Ear Training versus Interval Ear Training

Contextual Ear Training versus Interval Ear Training

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Contextual Ear Training versus Interval Ear Training

Q: I have found a few errors in your workbook.  For example, the hard copy Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One, Page 115, 4th line, first chord. Chord is a Cadd9. On the staff it is written as C D E and should be C D G. The chord chart is correct, but the staff notation is incorrect.

Anyway, I thought that I remembered seeing somewhere errata sheets for all of the books, and students could just select the one(s) they needed an print them out. Maybe I was dreaming. If this is not the case, don’t worry about sending me a correction.

I’m busy plowing through Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One as well as doing some ear training. I’m having very little success as yet with the ear training, and I confess that I don’t understand the difference between this type of ear training, which is relative to the key of C, and the standard ear training, which relates one note to another? Both methods are relationship based. But I’m wondering if one is better than the other between the contextual ear training versus interval ear training.  Regardless, I’ll take it on faith and keep plugging away.

Take care and thanks for your response.

A: I sent you the corrected answer sheet earlier today. There was a place on the old website for errata sheets but honestly it would take me quick a while to find that info. If you run into any other problems let me know. There is quite a bit of difference between the standard ear training and my contextual based ear training. With standard ear training you are judging distance between notes by using intervals. With Contextual Ear Training you are judging a note by how it within a key center. Completely different approach. The main thing to realize is Contextual Ear Training is all about memory so it’s important for you to do the exercises many times throughout the day to reinforce your memory. Also if you miss a note play it two or three times again so you start to remember the sound. If you are doing any practicing with your instrument I would also highly recommend you get the MetroDrone so that everything you are playing you are hearing it in relationship to a key center. If you want to get started with that send me an email with some information on what you are practicing and I’ll help you integrate it into your daily schedule.

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