Choosing Ear Training Workbooks for Beginners

Choosing Ear Training Workbooks for Beginners

Choosing Ear Training Workbooks for Beginners

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Choosing Ear Training Workbooks for Beginners

Q: What do you recommend beginners start with choosing ear training workbooks?  Do you suggest doing only the Ear Training One Note Complete book or doing the Contextual Ear Training as well.  Before finding your website I visited a site that had a link to functional ear training software. Could this software be used along with the books?

A: Nice to hear from you. I recently had a chance to check out the Functional Ear Training Software and while it does have some aspects that are good I think overall there are some real weakness in how the program implements ear training. In general the main draw back of the functional ear training program is you have to be connected to the internet. Ear Training is best learned if you can get a MP3 player and work on the exercises whenever you have a minute as you are commuting, walking or waiting in a doctors office or online in a grocery store. Ear Training is all about memory so I need you to do this ear training as much as possible each day even if it’s for a few minutes.

It is also important that you keep in touch with me so that I can make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and that you understand what you are trying to achieve at each level. With that in mind I would start with:

I would then write back and give me your background in music. How much time you have to practice each day. I can then help you both in choosing ear training workbooks and set tingup a practice schedule and make recommendations on how often to check in so that you don’t go off in the wrong direction which can happen very easily especially at the beginning.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Best Regards,


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