Key Retention Builder Ear Training by Guitarist Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company Melodic Modulation

Key Retention Builder

Key Retention Builder… helps you build you ability to hold onto a “key center” through targeted singing exercises.

Recommended prerequisite:

Key Retention Builder refines two crucial steps in your ear training skills.

The purpose of this book is two fold:

  • Develop your key retention and improve your aural comprehension of the most common key centers.
  • Developing a strong sense of key in modes that are generally problematic for most musicians.

Developing key retention in commonly used modes.

By singing through targeted exercises Key Retention Builder you will develop your ability to retain a key center within the following modes:

  • Major Scale Modes
  • Melodic Minor Ascending Modes
  • Diminished
  • Symmetrical Diminished
  • Whole Tone
  • Harmonic Minor
  • Mixolydian b2,b6

If you are not familiar with these modes then we recommend Essential Scales book as a way to understand and apply the scales.

Advanced modes are also covered.

There are also a set of 12 tone melodies included that will help you bridge the gap between commonly used modes and the more advanced harmonic situations frequently found in contemporary music.

Less is more

The idea is to slowly wean you away from having to hear a drone as a key reference and have the key center become a natural part of the way you hear. To do this you will work on each set of singing exercises and slowly remove the drone until you can hear a cadence and then sing all the way through any exercise in this book by only getting a key reference to start.

Key Retention problems are common among musicians.

Key Retention Builder will help you address this issue by developing:

  • The ability to internalize a key center in a natural way.
  • less dependence on having a key center reinforced.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to expand your ear training exercises.

Congratulations on passing on to a higher level in our ear training course! Now that you have started on Key Retention Builder. If you haven’t already started working on Practice Perfect Applied Ear Training Series, Direct Application Ear TrainingEar Training Two Note Melodic and Contextual Ear Training Volume Two Voice Edition now is the time to get started.

Don’t leave out this crucial step in developing ear training perception. You need to expand your perception through multiple types of ear training. The good news is Muse Eek has both the Practice Perfect Applied Ear Training Series and the Direct Application Ear Training.  Both are actually fun because you are working with real music! Here is a sampling of recommended books:

Remember Bruce Arnold is here to help you through the process.

Now that you are moving into the more advanced levels of Ear Training it is important that you check in every few months so Mr. Arnold can check on your process. It’s easy to go off track with the ear training so keep in touch and make sure you are improving at your fastest pace.


As always check out the FAQ. It will give you:

  • A more complete understanding of the method.
  • An insight into the problems and solutions others have had with this ear training.
  • Encouragement and hope that you can do this, and that it just takes daily dedication.

Get Key Retention Builder today and transform your sense of key.

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