Doing Time with 32 Bars Volume One

Feel Time Don’t Count Time

Doing Time with 32 Bars Volume a must own for any instrumentalist seeking to develop a strong sense of time.

This book is part of a series of books which are designed to teach a student:

  • How to develop a better internal sense of time.
  • Feel music on a more macro level.
  • Develop an innate sense of musical form.
  • Develop a more natural feel that breathes with the music.

“Feel Time” don’t “Count Time.”

All this is accomplished by requiring the student to “feel time” don’t “count time.” within a 32 bar Form. There are numerous exercises in the Doing Time with 32 Bars Volume One that will help develop this new sense of time.

Audio Files

The audio files provides you with eight 8 minute tracks at different tempos in which the time is delineated every 2 bars, and with an extra hit every 32 bars to outline the 32 bar form. The student may then use the exercises presented in the book to gain control of their execution or improvise to gain control of their ideas using this bare minimum of time delineation.



  • Digital Edition IBSN: 978-1-59489-602-6
  • Physical Edition IBSN: 978-1-890944-22-3
  • 58 pages: Physical version of this book contains a CD. Digital Version of this book includes MP3 audio files.





  • If you are looking for rhythm books to get a larger sense of time, this one may be just right for you. It includes lots of exercises taken from various Muse Eek rhythm books. Some exercises are simple and some are very difficult but so as long as you are an intermediate player I think you will find the material useful. Hey Muse-eek, How about coming out with an 8 and 16 and 24 bar version? –Not that I’ve mastered the 2 bar patterns at very slow tempos but I would like to give it a try anyway just to test myself. W. Poulsen
  • These tracks are great for working on jazz tunes. Just take a 32 bar form and you can expand your sense of time and you always know when the 32 bars are up. The book has lots of ideas about time and rhythm, too. D. González.



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  • Best to contact Mr. Arnold at email address at bottom of page to discuss best material to work on after Doing Time with 32 Bars Volume One



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