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Pitch Class Set Improvisation Étude

Pitch Class Set Improvisation Étude Course Background

The Pitch Class Set Improvisation Étude Courses helps a musician gain an aural, physical and musical knowledge of Pitch Class Sets by playing the melodic lines contained in these books. Obviously the étude books require an ability to read music and are meant for any instrumentalist. Each book in this series covers a different way to combine pitch class sets to create interesting melodic lines. In some of these courses it is assumed that you understand how the melodic lines are build while other courses will give you some basic information on how to practice each exercise. In most cases each concept is presented in all keys. Some étude books contain only a steady stream of eighth notes for each example while others use a high degree of rhythmic variety and sound more like actual improvised solos using a specific technique. All the Pitch Class Set Improvisation Étude Courses will give you new ideas on how to combine various pitch classes into sets that will give you quite interesting melodic lines. All of these courses are great for getting you outside the box with your playing and introducing new ways to play melodic lines that sound very modern. It should also be mentioned that if you are looking for sight reading material that helps you read more challenging types of melodies this series is perfect.

Pitch Class Set Improvisation Étude Courses

Below is a list of the Pitch Class Set Improvisation Étude Courses. You can follow the links for each course to see more information including videos and example PDFs from many of the courses.

Developing Your Ability to Improvise with These Concepts

These courses present you with a new ideas for creating melodic lines. While traditionally musicians learn other musician’s solos to develop new ideas for improvisation. Since the concepts presented here have been used by very few musicians if at all. These courses are needed to develop a musician’s skill in each area to the point that they can freely improvise with each concept. This is one of the reasons why these melodic lines are presented in all keys. All keys help a musician to internalize the information better and prepare themselves for playing these ideas in the key of the moment.

The Physical Muscle Memory Side of Pitch Class Sets

It takes time and practice to develop the physical muscle memory side of playing these pitch class set combinations. The melodies are presented in many unorthodox ways that will certainly take a musician outside their comfort zone. That is a good thing because it gets a musician out of the ruts that they commonly fall into where they play the same melodies or same type of melodies in every solo.

Playing More Inside a Composition

Every melody is made up of building blocks. Take for instance, a half step and a minor 3rd, also called an 013 pitch class set. You will find 100’s of jazz standards that use this combination to build a melody. “Stella By Starlight” or “Alone Together” are excellent examples of the use of 013. Hopefully you want to improvise so that it sounds like you are playing motifs and ideas based on the given composition. Rather than playing the same licks for every piece of music you can start playing inside each composition if have enough musical ideas to pull it off. These études are excellent for helping you hear new melodic ideas based on the building blocks of these great jazz standards or any music for that matter. Over time these études will help you have more ideas when you try to improvise on an 013 composition or any pitch class set that is explored in this Pitch Class Set Improvisation Étude Course Series.

Pitch Class Set Improvisation Étude Courses

The Pitch Class Set Improvisation Étude Courses are available separately or as a 23 course bundle. If you bought all 23 courses separately they would cost 325.00. Buy them all for only 49.99. If you would like to learn more about any book in this bundle click on the links above to purchase or find out more information or purchase the Pitch Class Set Improvisation Étude Courses Bundle below.

Music Education Genealogy Chart

You might find the “Music Education Genealogy Chart” located on Bruce Arnold’s artist website interesting. You will clearly see the historic progression of pedagogy that is the basis for Muse Eek Publishing Products. Great musicians throughout history have been studying the ideas presented by Muse-eek.com which derives its content from a a lineage that stretches back to Scarlatti!