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Pitch Class Set Theory Courses

Pitch Class Set Theory Courses

The Pitch Class Set Theory Courses give you information on how to use Pitch Class Sets in a modern improvisation situation. These books help you organize, create and apply new and interesting melodies and chords from various combinations of notes. Sonic Resource Guide in the main book in this series. is the main book in this series which gives you complete knowledge of how to organize and understand pitch class sets as they relate to an improvisers mind. Think of the Sonic Resource Guide as a reference book where you can look up any group of notes and find out.

  • All chords that work over any group of notes.
  • Includes all hexatonic trichord pairs that can be derived from six and seven note scales.
  • All chords that can be derived from any group of notes.
  • All diad pairs that can be derived from any group of notes.
  • Much more content. It’s an 800 hundred page book!

The Tools for Modern Improvisation and the Bruce Arnold Composition Compilation have been included in this group. These books give you real musical examples of how you can use Pitch Class Sets to compose and improvise over various styles of music. Audio files are also included with these two books. It is crucial that you hear examples of using pitch class sets in an improvisational as well as a compositional setting. The combination of the three books in this bundle give you a well rounded look at some of the main ways to apply pitch class sets to composition and improvisation.

Pitch Class Set Theory Courses Detail

There are many concepts presented in the Pitch Class Set Theory Courses that will be new to most readers. These new concepts vary from:

  • New ways of grouping notes.
  • Using rhythmic superimposition to create new ideas
  • Grouping notes in diads and trichord relationships
  • 12 Tone groupings made from four 3 note groups, two six note groups or 3 four note groups i.e. 23rd chords.
  • New ways to apply various pitch class sets to common harmonic situations such as a blues or rhythm changes.

Pitch Class Set Theory Course Bundle

Buying all the courses in the Pitch Class Set Theory Course would normally cost you $120.00 USD. Get all courses for 39.99 with the Special Bundle Price Below. This Bundle includes:

Pitch Class Set Theory Course Bundle Includes Audio Examples

One of the most important things about developing an ability to use Pitch Class Sets is hearing them being used in various situations. The three books in this series really give you a lot of scores and music as well as theoretical information that when combined will greatly help you to see the possibilities that pitch class sets offer to give you new means of expression. The theory in this books is explained in very simple language and using pitch class sets isn’t especially hard it is just a new way of organizing pitches that can give you new ideas for chords and melody. These ideas can be used in a folk tune or a complicated jazz composition. They include highly dissonant sounds to completely beautiful and sweet sounds that can be used in any way you see fit. Think of Pitch Class Sets as a collection of all sounds and all you need to do is pick out the ones that apply to any given situation. As you better knowledge of the possible combinations you will instinctively go to the right sound for the moment. If you want to learn more about Pitch Class Set Theory Courses click on the links above for the three courses or order the bundle below.