Contemporary Rhythms Volume One

Contemporary Rhythms Volume One

Develop your knowledge of Contemporary Rhythmic Notation

Contemporary Rhythms Volume One develops your knowledge of highly syncopated rhythms written with contemporary notation. A serious musician must not only be able to recognize, read and play rhythms fluidly but be aware of alternate notation used especially in contemporary classical music but found more and more in all styles of music. This volume concentrates on eighth note rhythms and the rhythmic patterns often associated with that rhythmic level. Each exercise uses one pitch which allows the student to focus completely on time and rhythm. Exercises use modern innovations common to twentieth century notation, thereby familiarizing the student with the most sophisticated systems likely to be encountered in the course of a musical career. Midi files for all exercises can be downloaded from the internet to facilitate learning.

Unfamiliar Notation in Contemporary Rhythms Volume One

Volume One of Contemporary Rhythms looks at the notation methods of contemporary music. Composers in the last 100 years have departed from the traditional method of notating rhythms. This in turn has created a situtation where you may find a rhythm you know but you don't recognize it because of the notation used. Obviously, it is important to learn to recognize these alternative notations to improve your sight reading ability.

Imaginary Bar Line

The imaginary bar line is commonly used to divide music in 4/4 into two equal groups. Many modern composers have done away with the idea of an imaginary bar line thus creating a situation where the notation can be highly deceptive.

Here is an example from the book

Contemporary Rhythms V1

Contemporary Rhythms V1

Add Contemporary Rhythms Volume One to your practice regimen today and prepare yourself for any notation that might come your way!

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