The Essentials Chord Charts, Scales, and Lead Patterns for Guitar by Bruce Arnold for Muse Eek Publishing Company

Chord Charts Scales Lead Patterns The Essentials:

Chord Charts Scales Lead Patterns for Guitar.


If you answered YES, then The Essentials is your best first stop to get all the basic ingredients you need.

Get playing quickly

The Essentials will get you playing as quickly as possible, while still getting a firm grounding in good musicianship.

It will show you:

  • A clear and logical presentation of what you need to learn …
  • Only the information you need to get playing right away – without overloading you with too much background …
  • Which materials you don’t need to study at this point …

Videos and audio will help you learn

Videos and audio are available on-line to demonstrate everything presented. The Essentials gives you a well organized system and quickly gets you going with these crucial ingredients:

Plus you’ll learn how to play notes so they sound great — better known as Articulation … Chord Progressions to use … and you’ll get MP3s to practice them along with.

Most beginning guitar books cover a little basic material but leave you with nowhere to go if you have any questions. So if you discover you have a problem with technique, fingerings, strumming, or rhythm – you have to begin your search again for maybe another book that “might” help.

Not so with The Essentials …

Within “The Essentials” you will find links to other books about every subject covered. The Essentials also gives you immediate access to our online Member’s Area where many PDFs are available free of charge to help you dig deeper into any subject.

There is a world of knowledge to absorb when you are first learning the guitar, but The Essentials gives you just the right combination of common sense and good information to get you through the first crucial steps.

Plus strumming patterns to get you applying your newly learned chords, and specific information on strumming technique

The Essentials: chord charts scales lead patterns includes:

  • Loads of easy to understand diagrams of chords, scales and lead patterns …
  • Internet links to get additional information on subjects such as music theory, tuning notes, additional chord progressions, and string changing guides …
  • Free access to countless files in our member’s area that will help you develop your guitar playing by providing the best information–and the least amount of confusion …

Get Started today with this great highly targeted book!

Status: In stock, Digital book is available for immediate access.


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