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Guitar Blog By Bruce Arnold

This Guitar Blog would cover many aspects of playing guitar and understanding it’s idiosyncrasies. Guitarists are unique. They don’t usually learn from books.  Many times they don’t read music well.  Guitarists also developed a real “visual” approach to playing rather than actually hearing and understanding what they are playing. Most people just think they can teach themselves guitar; it’s the myth of the “born musician” but most of the time self-teaching imposes limits and creates problems that are difficult to address.

My Background

I was self taught growing up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in the 50’s and 60’s.  It was hard to find a teacher and then if you could did you have the money for lessons.  For me it was learn from friends or transcribe from LPs certainly wasn’t any internet to browse.  Although I learned a lot from friends and transcribing there were many things that I learned wrong.  The short list is proper technique, ear training and how music theory and ear training are related.  This created problems for me for decades to come as I tried to figure out why I couldn’t do certain things no matter how hard I practiced.

Contemporary Resources

Today with the internet and access to books, videos and skype lessons a guitarist has a dizzying list of possibilities for learning.  Unfortunately that also means that their are many books, websites and teachers that really don’t give a student what they need but rather whatever will keep them entertained.  Of course some students don’t want to dig deep into music and an understanding of the guitar.  They just want a few licks that they can play and learn a few songs.  Nothing wrong with that music can be very rewarding and enjoyable so whatever floats your boat is good. 

The Search For Answers

On the other hand the serious student like myself with a deep desire to master the instrument any of guitar education platforms become a waste land.  I think this is true for a serious student no matter what their level.  One problem that plagues guitar students search for knowledge is their lack of understanding their needs coupled with a learning process that usually takes years to develop where they essentially realize they need a deeper understanding of music and their instrument in order to reach a higher level.  That is where the books that I’ve published come into play.

The Serious Student

So if you have reached that point where you want to get serious about the guitar then you have come to the right place.  Since I’m a guitarist and have taught thousands of guitar students over the years I’ve pretty much seen it all. This Guitar Blog will show you innovative ways that you can raise your ability.  In addition the Guitar Blog will deal with many of the issues that specifically plague guitarists.  The things I recommend are not easy but once you master them you will see that you have raised your musicianship to a level that will allow you to play anything you desire.

The Holistic Approach to a Guitar Blog

There are obviously a ton of books and music education sites covering Guitar Music Education. Why choose mine? In my 45 years of teaching music I have taught countless students. And I have seen amazing results. Unlike the many sites that have a “one size fits all” format, I believe in a holistic approach. This means I can teach one subject or many subjects multiple ways. And I believe that no matter what instrument you play, you need a full toolbox of musical skills.

Why My Courses Work

My courses are successful because I personally experienced the trauma of being taught incorrectly, and then having to unlearn years of improper practice.  So I know how it feels, and what to do about it. I was lucky that at that stage I found great teachers who really knew how to help me.  Fortunately being one of the lucky ones because they “passed the torch” of their experiences on to me. I found answers that fixed my problems, and now helping my students to reach their potential is one of the greatest satisfactions of my career.

What’s Under The Covers

So back to what makes my Guitar Music Education and this Guitar Blog different from those offered on other sites. First I have one on one contact with my students through email, FAQS or comments posted to this Guitar Blog.  I also offer paid Skype lessons if a student prefers a one on one private consultation. All of this allows a student to make sure they are doing an exercise correctly.  My books and blog posts tend to not be style specific in most cases.  For example, scales are used in any idiom so I teach them to all my students regardless of the style(s) they ultimately have interest in playing.  I don’t have any prejudices against any style of playing.  I grew up playing country, rock and blues, then moved into Jazz, Classical.  Finally finding my own style of applying pitch class set ideas to all the aforementioned styles.

A Tailored Program

As mentioned, my approach is not “one size fits all.” When you work with me you get a program tailored to your specific needs. Maybe you have technique issues that are slowing down your ability or you need help organizing the fretboard.  Maybe you need to prepare for music college?  I’ve helped guitarists with all of these problems and more to become a better musician. To get an idea on some of the other subjects I’ll cover, see the Guitar Studies section of this website.

The Historic Precedents Of This Kind Of Music Education

You might enjoy checking out the “Music Education Genealogy Chart” located on my artist’s site. You will clearly see the historic progression of pedagogy that is the basis for Muse Eek Publishing Products. Great musicians throughout history have been studying the ideas presented by which derives its content from a  a lineage that stretches back to Scarlatti!





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