3. Weekly Tips and Tricks Ear Training: Playing with Other People

Playing with other people

Of course doing all your ear training exercises is crucial to improving, but if you are never using it out on the real world you are not going to develop the skills you desire. Our minds learn very contextually. In other words if you are never using your ear in a real musical situation the chances are your training won’t function as well when you are out there in front of an audience or rehearsing with your peers.

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I’ve created a bunch of products to simulate playing with others like:

  • Direct Application Ear Training Volume One
  • Secondary Dominants Ear Training Study Complete Book
  • Direct Application CD Volume One Major
  • Direct Application CD Volume One Dorian
  • These products are recommended, but you have to also play with others because it puts your mind into a different state or context which is crucial to your development as a musician. (Of course we could spend hours talking about the dynamics of playing with others, but that is for another time)

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