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Guitar Chords

Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One

So now it's time to learn Guitar Chords!

  • Do you need a logical system to learn the chords you need to know to play through ANY chord progression?
  • Need backing tracks to help you learn each chord progression?
  • Need a system to understand how chords are built and what notes you can add into chords for added spice and variety?
  • Need a special “secret sauce” system that will have you memorizing the chords and the guitar fretboard at the same time?
  • Need a book that will give you not only all the chords a professional guitarist needs to know but 36 cool chord progressions to apply these newly learned chords?
  • Need a system for understanding how guitarists substitute chords?
  • Want to spice up your blues playing with some new chord progressions?
  • Want to work on sight reading chord voicings?
  • Need information on the use of tensions in chords and chord progressions?
  • Need some basic theory knowledge so that you understand the structures of chords?

If the answer is YES then Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One will give you a logical system to learning guitar chords so you can play any chord progression. You will also gain knowledge on how to reharmonize a progression and understand how chord progressions are organized.

Chord Workbook is one of Bruce Arnold's best selling books!

This book gives you all the basic chords you need to know to play any music. If you are a complete beginner all the guitar chords you need are found in this book. If you are a budding jazz guitarist you will also find all the commonly used chords with the root on the low E and A string that a professional guitarist commonly uses in their playing. More importantly you will have 36 chord progression that you can play and reference for years. The theory behind these progressions is also included so you really can start creating your own progressions or reharmonizing jazz standards at will.

This guitar chords book contains the following:

  • The basic open chord voicings used in Folk, Country and Rock.
  • Five hours and 46 minutes of backing tracks in MP3 format for the 36 chord progressions found in this book.
  • Moveable chord forms commonly used in Rock and Jazz.
  • Application of guitar chords to common 2-5-1 progressions.
  • In-depth explanation of chords and available tensions.
  • All common 7th chords with tensions.
  • In-depth reharmonization section so you can understand the theory behind chord progressions.
  • Twelve 12 Bar Blues chord progressions. One in each key.
  • Twelve 12 Bar Minor Blues chord progressions. One in each key.
  • Twelve "Rhythm Changes" chord progressions. One in each key.

Get this highly acclaimed book and really get your chord playing together with a logical well organized system

Get Started today and take your chord playing to a new level!

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