Question about Books 7

Question about Books 7

Q: I have previously studied classical guitar, especially Spanish master's pieces by Tarrega, Torres and Segovia, and some Brazilians like Villa Lobos, obviously as an interpreter. Needless to say, in a pretty much mechanistic way since I feel my knowledge in music theory is rather too modest, not to say mediocre.

I've read outstanding reviews about your accomplished musicianship and teaching approaches and therefore I would like to get some advise from you; I am planning to purchase some of your publications and in face of your prolific editorial production I would like to count on your proficient advise to choose the right ones for me. As I said before, I have some background, I don't have huge playing limitations, in terms of my playing skills I would rank myself as an intermediate-to-advanced amateur player. I am looking forward to getting an in-depth understanding of basics in chord construction, classification and terminology, intervals and scales over chords concepts. Needless to say, exercises on modes and scales are always welcome as well as other concepts not mentioned above.

A: I'll give you the big picture here with all the books I think you would need to get a complete music education. For that I would recommend the following:

Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volumes One
Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volumes Two
Chord Workbook for Guitar Volumes One and Two
Ear Training One Note Complete
Fanatic's Guide to Sight Singing and Ear Training
Essential Scales
Jam Tracks Volume One
Guitar Technique

If you let me know the amount of time you have to practice I will help you with a practice schedule. If you want me to do this also let me know when throughout the day you might have 10 to 15 minutes of down time that you could do ear training exercises with an MP3 player.

I would pay close attention to your technique and look in a mirror to check out your hand. Reference the Guitar Techniquebook and be diligent about this because the more relaxed and close to the neck your hand is, the better you are going to play.

Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One will really help you get your chords together. I usually recommend 1st Steps for a Beginning Guitarist but since you have played for a while skipping that and going directly the
Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One will work for you.

You also want to spend time playing/improvising with these scales from the Essential Scales book. Use Jam Tracks Volume One as backing tracks when you practice the scales but also spend some time with each scale just improvising.

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