Question about Books 6

Question about Books 6

Q: I have:

Ear Training One Note Complete
Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One
Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One

I am ready to start. What kind of schedule should I use to practice? I take the train to work so I have an extra hour and a half away from the guitar to do the exercises in the workbook.

A: For the Ear Training One Note Complete book try to listen to the Ear Training One Note Complete CD 5 to 10 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure to go to and read all the FAQs. This can help you think of this practice correctly. Doing this on the train is a good idea.

Now for the Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One you want to learn around 10 new chords a week. Go through the chords from the beginning and make sure you learn them all. Use the cycle 5 suggestion to help you memorize these chords. If you already know quite a few, go to the back of the book and start learning the chord progressions. You should try to learn one chord progression per week. There are mp3 files up on the website for these progressions. Look under the title and you will see a folder on the left side called mp3.

The Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One you want to do one page a day.

Additional stuff:

Once you get everything organized you need to get going with some scale practice. For that I would recommend the following:

Essential Scales
Jam Tracks Volume One

You want to play the Jam Tracks Volume One as backing tracks as you learn the scales so that you hear the scales in the right key center. You also want to have a close look at your technique for that I would recommend

Guitar Physiology DVD course

Remember if you practice physically the wrong way, you are completely wasting your time and flirting with carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis, etc. That can make it impossible to play at all much less play well. So let's make sure you are not only practicing the right things but in the right way.

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